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I am an empathetic listener on the challenges and struggles in life, with a genuine and caring interest in people, and am an understanding person. I like people to feel comfortable and at ease talking to me. This is helped by my background of 6 years of work as a counsellor for a low-cost counselling service and the NHS.

I have worked with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and with a range of concerns. I have helped them to:

  • develop coping strategies;
  • resolve anger issues;
  • build personal confidence and self-belief;
  • consider their values and work-life balance;
  • develop resilience and feel better about themselves;
  • manage their work and family life better;
  • gain a better understanding of what has influenced them throughout their lives including their childhood;
  • gain a greater awareness of unhelpful patterns or how destructive habits have developed.

Through my training as an integrative counsellor, I have developed my communication and listening skills. I aim to use these in the best possible way to help people navigate sometimes complex emotions and thoughts, bringing a proficient level of maturity and life experience.

Would you like to have someone listen to you and help you talk through any number of things that are bothering you? Safe in the knowledge that you will not be judged but instead treated with dignity and respect?

Are you finding that the challenges and struggles in life can be difficult to cope with, such as changes at home and work due to circumstances personal to you or affected by others? I can help you talk through all that is bothering you and leaving you feeling overwhelmed, and help you find clarity in what may seem confusing and gain a healthier perspective on situations, developing a personal awareness to guide your decisions and actions.

About me

I have been trained as an Integrative Counsellor having completed an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling at the Iron Mill College, Exeter and qualified on 1st March 2017. I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (BACP-| BACP). This has provided me with good knowledge and a wide range of applied skills in aspects of integrative therapeutic theories and practice. It has also enhanced my understanding of the nature of human behaviour and interactions. My intention in becoming a qualified counsellor follows from my desire to use my life skills and work experience to good effect. I also completed a Post Qualifying Diploma in Counselling Young People (8-18) on 11th July 2021.

I am able to bring a good level of maturity and life experience to support my practice. This helps me to be understanding, feel for the needs of others, and engage with them. I am continuing to develop greater self-awareness and so be more effective in my communication and listening skills, interactions and relationships with others. At the same time, the training has helped me to develop a greater awareness of my own thoughts, feelings and values, providing an opportunity for beneficial personal growth.

I have a genuine and caring interest in people and am an understanding person. I am a good listener and am empathic to the challenges and struggles that others experience. I think that people feel comfortable and at ease talking to me. In the Diploma I learnt to develop my skills in helping people to learn more about themselves, to develop greater understanding of their concerns and to help themselves in resolving whatever issues and problems they have. I learnt a lot in the training especially regarding relationships and human behaviour and understand the need to develop the craft of discerning how best to help clients in their individual circumstances and with their specific needs, such as using creative approaches.

I have received counselling myself which has helped me to deal with and come to terms with traumatic situations and events in my life. This helps me to understand how powerful and effective counselling can be and equally the extent of the effort and emotional challenge this is for the client.

I understand the complexities of relationships within family relationships and with friends and the emotional journey of break-down and starting again. This helps me to be non-judgemental and empathic towards the feelings of others and difficulties they experience in life. I also understand the difficulties when experiencing periods of ill health and stresses in life, such as in work, as well as having to re-evaluate personal values and belief systems. Whilst the journey can be very tough at times it can uncover many aspects of life that we may not previously have reflected on.

I have also explored various other therapies including hypnotherapy, homeopathy, massage, reflexology and personal reflection through journaling and see the value in them for maintaining wellbeing. I believe that it is helpful to access such therapies when needed and help to manage life’s pressures as they arise.

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